Sunday 12 October 2014

My OOW14 - As A partner

This was my first OOW with Certus Solutions who I joined just 3 weeks before. Certus really 'get' the value of being an ACE in the Oracle World and support all that I do, in return I want them to have the benefits.

Certus are Oracle Cloud Application experts and one of my first objectives is to help move us into PaaS for extensions where additional functionality can be added.

One of the reasons I talked to Certus in the first place was I already knew Tim Warner as he has been involved in User Experience  and is co-chair for the HCM SIG at UKOUG. So it is not surprising that Certus are committed to producing not just great quality PaaS applications but ones that match the UX design principles of the Cloud Applications themselves.

So my mission for OOW was to find out everything I needed to know about PaaS including the timelines for availability. I also needed to meet up with the EMEA SOA Community lead J├╝rgen Kress, The UX team, Development and Partner Enablement, all who had reached out to help us since we made our intention known.

I talked in my ACE Director blog about having access not only to Product Management but also to peers in different disciplines, so I was able to talk to them about our approach. As we embark on this journey I will also be adding another column to the Oracle AppAdvantage blog exploring the different stages.

Not all the components we need for the full UX are available yet as PaaS but not too far off on the roadmap. We have an approach agreed and that includes selecting a development partner which is next on the to-do list. Certus is the best at what they do, implement Cloud Applications and we in turn will select the best partner for what we want, cost effective but UX compliant extensions.

The meetings went really well and next steps agreed, so no time to rest up after OOW we have a long way to go but its coming together and I'm very excited.

I made a quick OPN video on PaaS and my colleagues Tim Warner and Rob English made one on recent Certus projects.


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