Wednesday 11 June 2014

You say goodbye and I say hello

Words by the Beatles, but what I have been singing in my head all day having learnt that Lillian Buziak is leaving Oracle.

Lillian has been the go-to person along side Vikki Lira for the ACE Program and the person who also sorts out approvals, bookings and expenses along with all the ACE events around the globe. For some reason I seem to be a problem child and Lillian has to work much harder than normal to sort out my issues, but she does it with a smile.

In her own words she has seen the ACE Program grow from a few to a household name.

Lilian was also a great help with my imaginary friend Stanley, arranging stickers and his place in the Find An ACE directory. I know if he was still around he would be sad.

She is also a great friend and I remember a special hug when I needed it back in January.

The great thing about the Oracle Community is we don't go far, and our employers may change but we will still be around. She will be at Kscope.

OTN Crew picture by Justin

So Oracle's loss is InterRel's gain and one day I may even forgive Edward Roske for poaching Lillian.

Good luck Lillian see you soon


Osama Mustafa said...

Great Post Debra , For sure we gonna miss her, Good Luck for Her.

Osama Mustafa said...

Good Luck for her , all the best.