Wednesday 11 June 2014

Understanding Technology - my way - ODTUG's KSCOPE

Last week I did a video interview with Bob Rhubart as part of his series talking to ODTUG Kscope 2014 presenters, and yet I am not presenting, so why is Kscope so important to me?

I am not technical, or rather I don't practice the technology but I do need to understand it, and the value to application users which is my area of expertise.

And then I also talk to technologists as to why what they do is important to business. My move into this area can be laid firmly at the feet of two great friends Heli Helskyaho who had me talk to her apps audience on a boat, and then filled it with technologists and who turned up at one of my sessions in Australia and Alex Gorbachev who said I could help him talk to executives about the tech. I have also been encouraged through the years by Jürgen Kress who runs the middleware community for EMEA partners, he even gave me an award for this.

Now I even write as a guest blogger for Oracle's AppAdvantage blog which is all about using technology with applications

So where do I learn about the technology? Jürgen does a brilliant keeping us up to date, both online and in person and I learn so much from the Fusion UX Advocates community and ACE program either at briefings or through the incredible network of experts that make it up. When a topic interests me then I need to drill down into it. Probably mobile at the moment and Sue Duncan and Ultan O'Broin from Oracle have really helped me to learn.

Another phenomenal way to learn about why and how is through user groups and as I said about Collaborate this year, I have to keep learning all the time. For FMW I go to Kscope, ODTUG attract fantastic speakers and it is a great conference.

Why don't I have UKOUG here as my learning source? Well the problem is, and ask any usergroup leader, when you have your own sessions to deliver and an event to be part of, you simply don't have time to attend enough sessions. Last year UKOUG separated Apps and Tech and I thought I would be ok but when the time came I was still just as busy. I was talking to Grant Ronald on Friday after our Agenda Planning Day and he said how great the FMW content looks for Decembers Tech 14 Conference and Exhibition so register your interest now, but I know I will have the same issue.

So I am off to Seattle next Friday, no employer, user group or ACE program to sponsor me, I am paying for travel and accommodation myself, a testament to the value this is to me, (thank you ODTUG for the conference pass).

 I will be taking part, I love the Community Service Day although I think I still ache from the last agricultural day in Monterey! I will also take part in the lunch with an ACE and ACE/OTN Lunch and Learn sessions, encouraging people to learn from the experts (and me). I will be attending sessions mainly along the ADF / SOA areas and the generic sessions, I will pop into the Women in Technology session led by Kellyn Pot'vin although I am not on the panel but it is always interesting to go along, I think there are more issues in the US than in the UK.

Oh and I will attend the party and I have made my costume. People will be pleased I haven't resurrected my 80s costume from Collaborate a few years back but this year the theme is musical idols and I spent the 70s dressed as my idols the Bay City Rollers!


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