Sunday, 7 October 2012

What I Learnt at Oracle Open World

My thoughts as captured at #OOW, pity it shows my lack of being able to count to 10!
Blogs on the detail to follow.

Union Square from the Cheesecake Factory at Macy's

#1 Fusion Apps use of Mobile ADF is really cool, loved being the demo babe in their presentation #ukoug

#2 Although I am not technical love the #fujitsu athena project and yes that was real gold plating 

#3 Larry certainly believes in the cloud now, to be fair having seen OPN model there is a lot of thought in it

#4 12c looks good and people who know about the database seem to like it

#5 for a no cost option APEX got a lot of airtime, and still don't understand why more people don't use it

#5 Endeca rocks, saw it running with EBS and is a game changer

#6 Cant believe never saw Nadia Benjedou to speak to, sneaked in back of her session which was full but couldn't stay

#7 no downtime EBS patching, love that time to restart servers called 'cutover' but seriously EBR for EBS is excellent

#8 still in shock I presented about OEM and OVM but heh, even us non techies need to know about what it does

#9 love to demo Fusion Expenses, have now scaned most receipts in the city and filled the demo databased :) #FXA

#10 the #OTN #ACE Director program is awesome, thankyou for bringing us to #OOW and all the great opportunities to learn (writeup)

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