Thursday, 15 July 2010

Fusion Applications; a window on technology.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love Fusion Applications and can't wait for them to be released later this year. They will be released this year, Larry said so last Open World and he wouldn’t let us down would he?

If you look at the OOW Agenda for 2010 there are lots of sessions showcasing Oracle Fusion and I am expecting to hear from early adopters who should be a fair way through their implementation projects by the time the conference gets underway.

I talked about Fusion Apps to my ACE Director peers and it was great to be able to talk about the technology and how it hangs together. These people are using the components today and each are the experts in their area. No way can I teach them anything about the components but I can talk about how they will come together.

I have said before that Fusion Apps are about the vision and the user experience and during the presentation I thought, release 1 is not just a showcase for the application it is also a window on the technology. All of the technology (except the BI and that is imminent ) is available today.

So my presentations about the Fusion vision will actually come to life, the product will showcase the bringing together of all the Fusion Middleware and Database products, and show how well they are integrated (I will resist the temptation to say Complete and Open).

As in other presentations there was a discussion about pricing. As yet there is no news except that for processes it will be like for like, I.e. if you have the same processes in Fusion Apps as you have today in Applications Unlimited there will be no extra cost providing the matrix has not changed (no of users etc). Technology pricing I don’t know about and hope Oracle get it right, a lot of customers have started to invest in the technology but if you have to buy all of it, few people will be able to afford the step up.

Mohan Dutt gives a daily countdown to OOW, I think of this as my countdown to Fusion. I doubt it will actually be Generally Available at Open World but everyone will get to see it.

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