Thursday 7 May 2009

Fusion at Collaborate

At Open World Oracle gave 2 hours of Fusion Application demos and yesterday there were another two at Collaborate 09. They were not simply a repeat there was more to see.

More than enough to satisfy those who think there is nothing there, and for that I am very grateful. I gave 3 presentations at Collaborate and in all 3 members of the audience said Fusion wasn't really a product.

I don't want Fusion released until everything is in place, tested and those required trained, so no rush but IT IS REAL. I have said before I am privileged to be involved in the Fusion Inner Circle where I learn more about Fusion Applications and this too met in Orlando. Oracle are really working hard to keep your user group leaders involved and up to date, but we are all under Non Disclosure Agreements so cannot yet share the information, but when the time is right you can be assured that your user group will be well briefed.

My presentations were around the technology used to write Fusion Applications, the Fusion Middleware and what you can do today with existing applications. In each presentation I had many people who had not understood this and again I cannot thank the ACE Program enough for enabling me to be able to give that message.

Collaborate last day today and I'm sad it has been a great conference but I am ready to go home, share what I learnt with my colleagues and get ready for the UKOUG PeopleSoft event later this month.

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