Sunday, 3 August 2008

UKOUG Oracle Scene

Many of you will remember Philippa Clifford-Davies who worked for UKOUG for many years, now she works for Oracle Alliances and a few weeks ago I ran into her at the Oracle city office in London.

What I love about Oracle offices in UK is the way Oracle Scene is always available. This is one of the member benefits I love most in UKOUG, the magazine is glossy, looks good and full of interesting articles about Oracle. It is something tangible that you can touch and refer back to when an article you read is actually more relevant to you.

Anyway back to Philippa, she picked up a copy of the latest magazine, which if you are a member you can read online, and she showed me an article by Satnam Barr about the value of training. What Philippa wanted to point out was that UKOUG had missed a trick, we should have followed the article with a reminder that as a UKOUG member you are entitled to a 10% discount on Oracle Training. So I am putting that right, if you are a UKOUG member you are entitled to a 10% discount on Oracle Training.

And while we are talking about Oracle Scene, we are now looking for articles for the conference edition. Bridget Wells, our communications executive say ‘I'm looking for articles on the following topic areas:

 Server Technology
 E-Business Suite
 Design and Development
 Business and Strategy
 Business Intelligence
 Middleware
 Fusion
 JD Edwards
 PeopleSoft
 Siebel
 Stellent
 Hyperion

and would especially welcome content aimed at a technical audience. However, if you have an article that relates to any of these topics we want to hear from you.’

All articles are required by Monday 8th September latest and guidelines can be found here.

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