Monday, 23 June 2008

Welcome Hyperion Users

What a great week for Hyperion users. At ODTUG in New Orleans there was an entire stream over 5 days on Essbase with close to 150 people attending (a guess really if you know better let me know) and UKOUG hosted a Hyperion event with 299 attending. (If you registered and didn’t turn up, shame on you - 300 sounds much better).

I attended a roadmap presentation from Robin Hazel, Senior Director at Oracle, it was to have been John Kopcke SVP but he was torn between the two events and headed out to London, unfortunately he had 2 flights cancelled on him and was unable to make either event. He is however very much behind user communities and wrote the forward in the Essbase book Look Smarter Than you Are with Essbase System 9 – Edward Roske and Tracy McMullen, given to all attendees at ODTUG.

One of the ‘futures’ Robin talked about that really excited me was the intention to allow drilldown from Essbase into an OLTP database, the technical reasoning is that fact data can still be stored in OLTP and simply dimensions and aggregates in Essbase and is known as XOLAP. I am not really technical but my mind went into overdrive, what if OBIA went onto use Essbase in this way as its data warehouse, with full drill down back into the applications? I do hope this is where it will go eventually.

The Essbase track was jointly led by Edward the author and his blog is an excellent combination of wit and technological insight, he appears to have captured all the content and IS technical so read on. I wish I had seen him with the shopping cart but I think I was drinking with Oracle at the time. Edward was kept in check by Tim Tow

Back at UKOUG the Hyperion event was a great success with thanks to Alison Adams and her committee. The next event with is 17th September followed by their track at our annual conference in December.

The Oracle User Community is a thriving, inclusive and fun place to be. Welcome Hyperion users.

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Thanks for the blog & book plug, Debra! In case anyone's curious about the shopping cart mention, here's the link to the complete story: