Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Big Yellow School Buzz

Having blogged about my BIG yellow school bus and how I was so disappointed about not having my own bus but getting to go on a total unrelated big yellow bus, my friends at ODTUG decided to go one better.

I knew something was up when Mogens Nørgaard asked me if I liked bananas, and I had guessed it was going to be a cocktail s New Orleans does seem to be famous for them. I had a hurricane but gave the hand grenade cocktail as miss.

Anyway at the Fat Tuesday on Wednesday ODTUG party I was presented with my very own Big Yellow Bus Cocktail, a little sweet but it went down easily enough. Mogens then renamed the cocktail The Big yellow Buzz, I think I like that and will keep the name.

Parties are for fun, and the whole conference was fun, I met up with a lot of old friends, made a lot of new friends and still had time to learn.

Thanks to John and the ODTUG board and to Kathleen and all at YCC. A brilliant conference, see you soon

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