Sunday, 24 April 2016

C16LV - Best Collaborate Ever

Collaborate is a conference held by 3 user groups however apart from the party and plenary keynotes the sessions and activities are separate. 

You are welcome to attend most of the sessions but some and events are limited to who you registered through. As a user group leader I wish there was a ribbon or badge that allowed me to move between them. 

Anyway Boris Brott was the motivational or re-energise speaker on the Wednesday a plenary keynote with a difference. 

It was billed as 'Internationally renowned symphony conductor Boris Brott draws analogies between performances in an orchestra and performance in business: creativity, process, communication and achievement'.

The session started slowly and I thought it was too manufactured as he read highly scripted analogies with Collaborate from the auto cue however after about 10 minutes he switched up a gear to his own well practiced content.

Then he had a surprise for us, under each seat was a tone bar. There was a few thousand people in the room divided into 5 groups and each group had a different note. Then he conducted us to play music, real music.

Now I am looking for a recording of the event but as yet no one has posted anything, but I found this one on youtube from 2008 and it is almost 'word for word' the same. If you start at 7:30 minutes and ignore the fashion of the day it could have been us.

It was amazing and I have to say the best Collaboration I have ever seen at this event over many years. This was brilliant. Well done the organisers.

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