Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Presentations at Oracle Open World

Another busy, busy year for me but I love it:

First was my session for ODTUG their User Group Sunday Fusion Symposium which I was honoured to kick off, and thanks again Richard for helping out. I am hoping we will repeat in New Orleans for Kscope.

UGF10371 - Usability and Features of Oracle Fusion Applications, Built upon Oracle Fusion Middleware

On the Monday my first session was the technical one on the exhibition show floor, rather a weird experience an open theatre with people just walking past. The theatre held 100 and it was booked out over a week before so I think I was happy. It was only 20 minutes which was long enough.

SBH4843 - How Fujitsu Built Its Oracle Cloud for Its Customers

But then OTN asked me to record a video about how we had worked together on this.  

Talking to OPNs Steve Lemme about Cloud Building
Fujitsu US asked me to talk to our customers about what Fusion means to their organisations, this is me at my best and I talked without slides. Loved doing this.
Tuesday I had no sessions to give, but Wednesday was jam packed. It started with my Fujitsu sponsored session. I was showcasing the offerings we have in the UK, and how it can make a difference. It was a good crowd but I would have liked more. The press were in the session and their article was picked up by most of the technical journals and I was really proud.
And finally at 5pm on Wednesday I got to redo my Consolidation presentation again from last year. This is a pictures only presentation and I had really great feedback last year and the EMEA usergroups voted for this to be accepted this year again. It is light hearted and great for the end of the day before the party!

CON3543 - Consolidation for the Cloud

At the time of posting these links are active for downloads. You do not need an account to access them. 

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