Saturday 20 October 2012

Fujitsu at Oracle Open World

Two years ago Fujitsu were marquee sponsors and their first ever keynote was good, about us as an organisation, so this year with Fujitsu as Global Sponsor I was really excited about what they would say.

This year's keynote was the first of the conference and I loved it, great fun being sat at the front with Fujitsu and our customers.

Noriyuki Toyoki gave the keynote and you can watch it here;  it centred on Project Athena the next generation of Sparc and its use in Big Data; however it also talked about Fujitsu in our society and was very well received. (Project Athena about 20 minutes in).
In the keynote Oracle’s Andy Mendelssohn talked about how Exadata minimises the IO to storage and Athena will reduce the CPU time.

Listen and watch Larry Ellison promise that “next year the Fujitsu chip will run the Oracle database faster than any other processor on the planet by moving software functions to the silicon “  ( first minute).

What I liked was that the keynote was of interest rather than too marketing. There certainly was no competition baiting. They used the keynote to get people's attention about the company, the people, the possibilities and then the research, inviting people to come back and learn about the product.

The follow up session from Goro Watanabe, SVP R&D Centre received good press  

As part of our sponsorship package, along side the keynote and executive solution sessions above we had 4 general sessions and the approach we took was to showcase from the regions. My session was about what we do in the UK. 

Colleagues from N America talked about work done there with Consumer Packaged Goods customers and more on the SPARC relationship with Oracle. We talked about Exadata success in the Caribbean, which I was lucky enough to visit in July.  

We had a big sized stand, and lots of people came to see the prototype server, which as well as a glass case also included real gold plating.


The star of our booth though was the robotic teddy bear.  As he appears more and more around the world, he is becoming quite famous.

Another thing I liked on our stand was the back wall. It was covered in post it notes showing our specializations. We have more than any other partner which I am really pleased about. if you are a partner you know the process isn't simple. The program is being enhanced this year which basically means we have to do even more. More work for me :)

Me and Chie from out Tokyo HQ

Fujitsu's sponsorship also included entertainment, the opening event and the appreciation party. Great for me, I got VIP tickets and enjoyed the bands from the front. I had a wonderful time and it is great to be able to let your hair down towards the end of a very busy week.

Thursday most people are packing up, but we like most global partners take the opportunity to have Fujitsu meetings. The chance to catch up in person with people we only speak to on the phone most of the year. Our Oracle account managers also came by, and it was a very busy day that ended with the traditional dinner.

I am very proud of working for Fujitsu, the support they give me and user groups.

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