Sunday, 29 June 2008

BPEL as explained by John King

Last blog from ODTUG Kaleidoscope in New Orleans

This is a new direction for me talking about something so technical, but then that is what John King was trying to do. Take the subject down to basics and build it back up to a good understanding of the concepts.

I have known John for a number of years as he is an avid fan of UKOUG and our conference visiting each year with his wife Peggy who is a board member of RMOUG.

So back to BPEL, John explained its importance to SOA and that whilst most told portray it graphically and you don’t actually need to know XML, XML is at the heart of the technology and a basic knowledge would go a long way in helping you debug or extend.

Download his presentaion and in the photo John is the third of the three wise ODTUG monkeys (Mike Riley, John Jeunnette and John King)

He talked a lot about best practices and how the utopia of re-use is of no-use if your registry has no governance. Not just relevant for BPEL, any coding you want to re-use needs to be well structured, stored and maintained.

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