Friday 15 September 2023

Oracle Cloud World Dance Card and my Best Practice for OCW


I attended my first Oracle Open World many years ago, and attended every one since, and every year I blog about how busy I will be and every year it gets busier. This is my 18th consecutive event.

At this point in the run up to the event, I am trying to sift through sessions, meetings, off piste activities and colour code them with priorities. I love mobile apps but I want one that will update my calendar so that the two are in sync, if you have worked it out please tell me! Not that it matters much, if I manage to attend the sessions I am delivering I will have done well.

I have 3 sessions. Very Exciting. Two on the use of Visual Builder and a theatre session on the showfloor for Apps Unlimited 

Extending Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps—What We Learned [PAN1434] Tuesday 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM a panel session of experts helped out by me

An Introduction to Extending Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps [LRN3050] Tuesday 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM assisting Jeff Price

Applications Unlimited Customers—Put an End to Cloud Confusion [THR1383] wednesday 3:20 PM - 3:40 PM

I will be doing my bit as an Oracle ACE Director and be at their lounge Tuesday & Thursday over lunch time, come by if you are interested in the program.

With my company I have customers to meet up with, Oracle executives to meet and share information, and colleagues sessions to support. We also have a stand (#25). 

Las Vegas is a city that never stop and that is what my dance card thinks - I have breakfast meetings and pre breakfast meetings and there are receptions every day

So my tips for managing your time:

  • Colour code your calendar with MUST, WANT, CATCH UP ON DEMAND, INTERESTED 
  • Don't delete any of the above as your time will be dynamic, if that MUST meeting is cancelled or moved what is your next priority.
  • If you are non US, don't forget adapters and small bills for tips 
  • For presenters - there is a whole Know Before You Go document but my #1 is make sure you have a backup
  • If there is a session you want to attend and it is free, perhaps hover, many people book a session they want to go to and don't make it for just as many reasons, so there may be a space

And most important:
  • If you see me and say hallo and I look lost, tell me your name and make an old lady very happy

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