Saturday 18 June 2022

As KSCOPE Kicks Off A quick look back at Blueprint4D & ASCEND 2022

 In an earlier post I talked about my busy conference season. Almost done, but I've kept the best for last - KSCOPE (I am on the board of ODTUG and my interest is the technology we use to extend SaaS, VBCS, APEX, OCI, ODA etc etc.). 

Actually that is an unfair claim, user groups have a specific audience and which one is right for you is your choice, but do be a member of at least one. Just yesterday a friend posted this on twitter - I don't know the context but boy do I agree.

So let's look at the other two I have just attended, Blueprint4D and ASCEND, both in Vegas.

First up was Blueprint4D, the QUEST event at the MGM Grand.

I have always loved QUEST and this event did not disappoint. There were a lot of sessions on Fusion that I attended and learnt from. Learning more direct from Oracle Development on HCM My Experience, which is timely as I was preventing on my take of this exciting new area. I spent many hours discussing our thoughts and plans for ME with HCM strategy.

QUEST represents JDE, PeopleSoft and Fusion plus the technology previously covered by IOUG. The JDE lead, Gary Grieshaber also has responsibility for some industries in Fusion JDE, so it was really interesting to hear his take on JDE & PeopleSoft customers who want to make the move.

For years I have had the pleasure of sharing time and sometimes lodgings with other former female usergroup leaders (and more importantly such friends), and this year was no different, apart from the amount of catch up required. 

Sue Shaw led a workshop on the Stairway to Cloud, well attended and great questions. Sue uses a decision chart (with my permission) on what to consider when deciding your next move and that chart is part of my still most popular presentation, exploring whether to stay on premise, use OCI, move to Fusion or a hybrid approach.

Michelle Malcher is also at all 3 conferences, holding exam cram sessions for various OCI and Database exams. 

At the end of the event the 3 of us had a tiny girly weekend and had the chance to go see Sting, which was excellent.

Then a quick move to the ARIA for ASCEND. OATUG & OHUG event. This covers EBS and Fusion as well as some PeopleSoft and EPM. There is a fair bit of AppsTech which is great as I love this.

A couple of months ago at UKOUG Scotland, I rekindled my EBS knowledge, spending a lot of time with Nadia Bendjedou and I shared that in an earlier post. I was able to follow up with Nadia, meet with her boss Cliff Godwin and spend time with Jeanne Lowell, talking all things EBS and when it does make sense for an org to move to Fusion Cloud. I really wished I could get my session mentioned above included in this conference it was so relevant to the whole audience, but competition was so high and I never got any paper accepted. I did offer to step in for onsite drop outs but it never happened. Perhaps next year.

I kicked off my ASCEND by attending one of Michelle's exam krams and if I ever find time may give Data Management a go, it is a new certification.

ASCEND had a motivational speaker who talked about being your own rockstar. It was high energy and thought provoking the key to a good motivational talk. I love this picture as if you weren't there you have no idea what he is talking about. But Marvellous Mark was great and you can get some of it on his website

On the Fusion side, my awesome friend Floyd Teter (Customer Connect fame) was there, talking more about journeys and I learnt so much more. Floyd included me in his sessions and allowed me to talk about my experience and thoughts. I met again with strategy including Prabu Iyer were we discussed APEX v VBCS. The answer I think will be hybrid as both give value depending on customer preference, skills and use case.

I also stepped up and gave a partner comment on the Rapid4Cloud session. We use this tool in our implementations it saves so much time and opportunity for error. 

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to so many friends and new contacts and time to join the travel chaos and make my way to Dallas for KSCOPE.

Amazing was meeting up with so many friends and making new ones, and meeting on the dance floor an old colleague I had no idea would be there. Awesome.

Lucia Jarrett, what an awesome surprise

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