Monday 16 May 2022

Busy Few Weeks - An Exciting Hybrid Conference Season

Conferences are back - still a bit hybrid - some in person - some virtual and some a mixture of both.

A few weeks back I was in Scotland for UKOUG - loved it.

Last week work had an in-person event in London and despite it being football centred I loved that too.

In person events are my preference and give me so much energy. That said I recognise that virtual has moved to a much more professional platform and makes sense occasionally. Hybrid is here to stay.

This week I am presenting remotely for the Australian Usergroup AUSOUG webinar series on Fusion Journeys.

Then next week I am taking part in a new idea of 'Afternoon with ACES' - answering questions on #PaaS4SaaS. Despite being virtual, this is a format I love, no presentation, simply answering questions.

'Journeys' is a presentation I will also give remotely for the Spanish Usergroup
SPOUG. SPOUG 22 is an in person event and I so want to be there, but will present remotely as I will actually be in the US, just prior to 3 back to back in person events.

The first of these is Blueprint 4D, the QUEST event  June in Vegas. Again I am talking about Journeys. This session is based on the one I did for Customer Connect but updated to include the new My Experience messages and my thoughts on that. 

The following week I am attending ASCEND the OATUG event. I am not speaking which disappoints me but gives me an opportunity to catch up with more EBS from Cliff Godwin and Nadia Bendjedou. Nadia was at OUG Scotland and having moved to a company that has EBS as well as Fusion customers, I had a lot to catch up on.

Then I want to spend time with Floyd Teter and Prabu Iyer from HCM Development to help fill in some of my gaps with My Experience and help me further develop ideas for the future.

Then quick flight to Dallas for KSCOPE, the ODTUG conference. This is my busiest week, I am the track lead for Modern Apps Development - The place to be if you use #PaaS4SaaS, I will be speaking on what we have learnt in Inoapps but extending Fusion on an industrial Scale using APEX, but most of all I am part of ODTUG Board this year so will be very very busy.

These events are still open for registrations. User groups feedback to Oracle and many organisations selecting software vendors demand this, but if we don't support them they will loose their relevance.

Take a look at all the websites and see which one suits your needs best. 

So if you see me over the next few weeks, be gentle, it may sound fun, and it is, but I still have my day job to do too.

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