Monday 31 January 2022

The Promised Answer to My Sangam Question

 On my last post I mentioned how I had an amazing virtual presentation at Sangam21 where I even got questions.

I was talking about the reasons both technical and commercial why OIC may or may not be used with Oracle Cloud Applications. There was a question asked
"What will be the amalgamation of OIC + Observability?"

Probably because I didn't know what Observability was I was unable to a answer! Luckily I didn't fall into the trap of making up an answer or even worse ignoring or dismissing the question. I did promise to go back to AIOUG and here I am almost 6 weeks later only just doing that.

I reached out via twitter and asked the question, hopefully as I tagged it #Sangam21 the delegates may have already seen the answer.

Alfredo said he would also be interested in the answer which validated the question and then fellow ACE Simo answered with a link to an A Team post

The A Team are a group of serious technical people in Oracle which includes those who work with the SaaS products so a good place to go. 

Then Courtney from Oracle added more links:…………

The power of crowd sourcing the answer. 

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