Tuesday 31 August 2021

Thank you to Accenture

Today is my last day at Accenture and I want to say an enormous thank you.

I joined Accenture as part of the Certus acquisition. I really agreed with the reasons why Accenture was chosen as the buyer when Tim Warner and Mark Sweeny sold (and yes there were many offers).

Accenture gave deep industry knowledge and change management; areas I have gained a lot of experience in. I have benefited from their rigorous processes, even when they frustrated me. I actually enjoyed the challenge of Quality Assurance and a big thank you to Szymon Lahutta and Kurt Hjelmeland.

My main masters were Sergis Peris  and Andreas Rømming who helped guide me in the early days, Szymon Wdowiak and Brandon Johnson, who trusted me and allowed me to do what I do.

A big thank-you to Andrea Cesarini who gave me the opportunity to create and lead the HCM practice in Europe; a fantastic community of great people.

Mentors headed by my great friend Julian Dontcheff along with Francesc MasJemma Ingham, Lucia Jarret, Fiona Clark, Carrie BrennanJennifer Bowman and Manon Bosma

Thank you to the Mental Health faculty who trusted me to join them; you will never know how much leading those sessions helped me personally in lockdown.

I also have to say thank you to Hayley Dobson, Ian Staff and Clark Kho who listened to me with my innovation tech ideas and helped make them a reality with Oracle Development.

To those I mentored, it was a privilege. 

Many, many more people to thank.

Almost 3 years on, I have acquired a lot more skills and ready to move to my next chapter next week. And yes it will still be Oracle.

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