Sunday 1 March 2020

2020 -Oracle Open World Europe

Oracle Open World Europe is growing, this year it was back in London and Accenture were again a top sponsor.

I had the privilege of working with Tim Warner on our Solution Keynote session for HCM. 

Our session was:

Unlocking the Value of Continuous Innovation in Your HCM Investment
Oracle SaaS delivers innovation every quarter, from small enhancements to new modules. Learning, Recruitment and Digital Assistants are just some of the big ticket items we have seen recently. In this session, hear how Human Capital Management has become a driver for many companies as advances in technology have changed the way enterprises consider hiring, staffing, development and retention and more importantly hear from our clients what Oracle HCM delivers for them and what their plans for unlocking more of the value is.
On the main stage
We wanted to bring customers on stage, representing multiple countries and industries and this was achieved with help from:

Tobias Schellhaas, VP HR DATA MANAGEMENT, Deutsche Post AG
Iain Elvin, Head of Oracle Systems, HM Treasury
Giuseppe Castelli, CORPORATE HR DIRECTOR, Mapei
Koen Mols, HR Excellence Program Lead, ArcelorMittal Europe
On the day Tobias was unable to join us, but Nigel Watson, who has moved into this project from DHL Supply Chain. Nigel is no stranger, we worked with him on the first project and spoke together at Oracle Open World in San Francisco 2017.

Last year, one of the most impressive things I saw at Accenture, was how our CTO publishes 5 as part of the Accenture Technology Vision. Then this is drilled into by each industry and platform, including Oracle. 

The 2020 Accenture Technology Vision has been published since #OOWLON but we looked at the Human+ Worker trend from last year's vision. 

Our customers shared how @OracleHCM helped them unlock their investments and make their workforce more effective. The presentation including all the document links can be downloaded at here.

Tim and I  - we were spotted!
The sessions were mainly in the exhibition hall with the audience wearing headphones. It was better technology than at #OOWSFO but still a bit weird, it does stop the session being as interactive as I would like. Tim and I were scouting around earlier in the day, and were spotted by someone in an earlier session. You can't hide anywhere!

I really enjoyed the session and although the logistics could always get a little better, we got our message across and I had lots of really good customer conversations as a result.

It was also good to see a lot of customers in the audience I have been involved in their cloud projects. I love my job!

The Accenture stand had lots of visitors and I was really pleased to see MyConcerto and our interactive music game. Not because I am any good at it, I'm not. When I was 5th on the leader board you can guarantee no more than 5 people had had a go! MyConcerto is such a differentiator for Accenture, making sense of both the the sales process and delivery. Bringing everything together in a single platform.

Still no better at the Accenture MyConcerto Interactive Game

My great colleague, friend and fellow ACE Director, Julian Dontcheff, also spoke, sharing our research into the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Julian Dontcheff, always the smartest presenter

I was so busy at #OOWLON my twitter was almost no existent but luckily my colleagues were on hand to ensure I was still visible. Thank you Steven De Vlieger for this video, I loved it.

As well as past and present, and hopefully new customers, events are a great place to catch up with friends. Day one was my busy day and I had hoped to do my catching up on day 2, but I was taken ill later in the day and actually ignored some people. I spent the weekend in bed, so I apologise to anyone who got a short or even no response from me. For those I did catch up with, it was great.

Meeting with friends, Super Sai from AIOUG

So #OOWLON was hectic but fun, and it will be back next year. I'll be there, will you?

Loving my job

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