Friday 2 November 2018

2018 OOW - My Oracle Open World

I love Open World, the vibe and the energy. 2018 was no different. I said I was going to be busy, but even I under estimated this year’s OOW. 

My Travel to OOW was quite a simple journey for me, flight to Belfast and then onto San Francisco. 

My neighbour on the long flight did think he had a right to half of my foot well, luckily it wasn’t too small a space and I sit quite still but it was really annoying. 

I got a lot of work done and cleared the inbox, so I was ready to take on Open World.

I arrived early evening on the Wednesday and met up with Lori Lorusso from the Groundbreakers’ Community and we had a great evening by the pool with a bottle of wine. Now that is what I call great community leadership. 

Individual posts:

The travel back to London was great, I made British Airways Gold with just a week to spare. Anyone who travels BA not in business class will appreciate what an achievement that is. I don’t mind economy travel, if I get my choice of seat and get treated well on the ground. The big value of airline status is how they look after you when things go wrong. So that is me sorted for the next 12 months.

my nan 99 years young
I arrived in London about 10.30am where my daughter met me, rushed me to our hotel, where I had a shower and went straight to my grandmother’s 99thbirthday party. I couldn’t miss that

I finally came home yesterday and spent today getting through 4 loads of washing! That’s it untill the next year – except there is a London Oracle Open World in January!

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