Sunday, 15 April 2018

Chatbots - A Public Apology at Collaborate

One of the first sessions at Collaborate 2018 is my chatbot presentation
Last year at Oracle Open World I blogged about a chatbots session I had seen when visiting Oracle's User Experience labs the week before. 
The blog was about how the idea of a chatbot seemed alien to me as a reason to use Oracle Cloud. I did recognise that this is a common reaction to new technology and that I had been caught out before with voice recognition.

Anyway roll on 6 months and it's a real hot topic, something at Certus we recognise the need to be on top off. We have to keep up with the continuous innovation that Cloud brings. There is no cushion of time, whilst you wait for a customer to upgrade.

I saw lots of chatbot demos, and even did an online chatbot training course through Oracle Alliance & Channels. However the content was hard coded and not coming from a database and certainly not from Oracle SaaS.

I knew I had to learn this and so I had employed my favourite tactic, I submitted a presentation for a conference. And it was accepted! Thank you Quest for giving me the opportunity to publicly apologise for my earlier scepticism.

So if you are at Collaborate - please come along
Session ID: 105380  Reef F 0945 Monday 
Abstract: Do chatbots have a place in your HR department? This session deconstructs the chatbot to explain how it works

Through the ACE program we have fantastic access to Product Management and so I contacted Grant Ronald and asked him for some advice. There was also a delay in getting the cloud instance built and time was running out, but Grant had an answer.

Rohit Dhamija a Principal Product Manager working for Grant, was happy to work with me. I got a chatbot built and he got to learn all about Cloud HCM. 

The demo of the will return details quicker than logging into the system, deliver an FAQ and even allow me to resign online!

So come along and see our presentation and learn how it is actually done, and what is happening behind the exciting demo.

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