Sunday 15 October 2017

2017OOW - OOW Messages

No surprise that #OOW17 was all about Cloud, but that is now cloud across the entire portfolio.

Oracle talked about the content in #OOW17 being the equivalent to a year's education. So no way I could take all that in. To me #OOW is about finding the areas I need to know about, get the headlines and find out who to follow up with. I have another tactic as well, identify the ACE Directors who are in this area as the support we give each other is brilliant.

The headline, in case you didn't realise, was the Autonomous Database. Does that mean anything for me? As a user group leader obviously and so I was really interested and the debate in the ACE sessions on the Friday, gave me lots to think about. 

In my day job with SaaS it is also important. Oracle are now in the data centre business and anything they do to make that more efficient has to be good for us.

Before #OOW17 I identified Blockchain as something I was interested in. I only managed to get to one of the sessions but there was a demo of this in the UX Exchange which was also very thought provoking. The launch of Oracle's own Blockchain Cloud shows just how serious they are. I expect to see this embedded in the SaaS before too long.

In the SaaS world it was all about Release 13, and I'm looking forward to being an early adopter at Certus. I have always been an advocate for these applications and it was great to catch up with Steve Miranda and his team. I still say the UX is the best part but I love how that makes embracing new technology such fun.

Machine Learning was a big area, Chatbots and Adaptive Intelligence are appearing in SaaS, and despite how much of a luddite I am, I look forward to see how these develop. 

I spend a lot of time talking to analysts about Oracle and they seemed pleased with the Oracle Messages. A good summary is this one from Diginomica 

Each year there have been more end customers talking about their adoption of Oracle Cloud and this was no exception. It is exciting times

And then suddenly it was all over and even the clouds left San Francisco.

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