Thursday 12 July 2012


180 people attended the GOUG event which was fantastic and much more than the 100 they expected and 150 they wanted.

Less so was the length of our trip, we arrived at 10pm after a long afternoon and evening flying to Panama (where I bought a hat), and onto Guatemala. and we left today at 10am, 36 hours in what we believe is a beautiful country, a land of perpetual Spring. Still we spent a long time in the tourist shops at the airport looking at postcards of what we should have seen.

We had quite an empty flight for the last leg and were well looked after by the attendants who seemed to think asking for a whisky meant a VERY large glass. So when we arrived at the airport a trip to the bar was in order, mainly for some food. Graham Wood joined us and it was great to catch up.

Graham Wood Presenting
 The agenda had changed constantly but these things happen and I gave two presentations, Should You Upgrade or go straight to Fusion Applications and my non serious Consolidation to the Cloud. Every session was full and I even got questions which in itself is great as the culture is few people will ask a question in the room, they wait till afterwards. This was also a spanish seaking country where we were not translated, I never ceased to be amazed at how good other people are with languages.

Full room looks on as Tim Hall clears something off the bottom of his shoe

 All the presenters were interviewed by the Galileo University where the event was held and they were capturing thoughts on why the user group and universities should work together. Something as you know I am keen to do in UKOUG.

My name in lights
After the event we were taken for a meal close to our hotel to sample the local food and we had a great, relaxing evening with wonderful people and good friends. Thankyou Carlos and your team for the invitation.

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