Sunday 26 June 2011

Chicken or Pasta

When you fly as much as I do, that is a very common question, but one that is very difficult to answer, without a bit of investigation.

A few days ago I flew from London to Los Angeles and at the prescribed time I heard 'chicken or pasta?'.
I was about 4 rows back so to start with I couldn't see the food but in my mind was thinking, is it chicken curry or perhaps chicken in some kind of sauce? I also imagined pasta twists and pesto.

Then in the row before me someone actually asked 'what kind of pasta?' 'cannelloni' the steward said, and then the passenger committed a heinous crime and asked if he could see it, before making up his mind!

Funny story, you all recognise it, but actually to me it sounds like the ' Fusion or R12? ' question. You cannot answer it without any information, you need to know the facts, see the products and ask questions of other discerning diners.

Your user group is a great place for that we try and get the facts for you and ensure you know what kind of pasta is on offer.

And if you don't like chicken and are not even interested in Fusion, then that's OK but check out the pasta still, you need to know everything before you start, the same process is true of ' upgrade or reimplement?'

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