Saturday 9 April 2011

So close and yet so far!

In case you haven't realized I am a great fan of Oracle Fusion Applications. I did think they would be out by now, but no still no date. I read tweets and blogs from people I admire who are criticizing Oracle over this and part of me is annoyed. I didn't really mind when it came out, as long as it is proven and works.

The delays in development have been handled well, and the one thing Larry did brilliantly at OOW was to articulate the fact that when they knew what they wanted Fusion Apps to do, the technology wouldn't support it, so they had to develop Fusion Middleware first. But what is the delay now?

Larry said at OOW first quarter of this calendar year. That has gone. Please just release it or tell us when? I want people to be looking at it, and enjoying seeing what Fusion Middleware can actually do rather than moaning about some arbitrary date in a calendar, but the only people who can stop that is you Oracle.

The apps roadshow in Europe reached London last week and I was honoured to be on the panel for Q&A. Andrew Sutherland did a great presentation on the Middleware benefits, BT talked about what it had meant for them and like at OOW last year, having people talk about application choices from one stage, takes a lot of the either / or issues out of the equation, and they really pitched the co-existence message across. 

I love being able go help people understand these options and thank Oracle for giving me that knowledge. This is what user groups are about, helping you to understand.

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