Monday, 25 October 2010

FINALLY My Thoughts on Oracle Open World

Finally I am sitting down to give my thoughts on Oracle Open World, apologies for how long it has taken.

As a User Group Leader who has her own events, my top point was as ever the actual OOW machine was phenomenal, everything just works. I don’t mean there are not things that should be done differently, but they deliver the product exactly as they design it. 43,000 people moving around San Francisco is no mean feat.

As a delegate looking for education I had a lot to chose from, however I didn’t like Develop and the rest of the event being divided in location, and the same with JavaOne. 

As a speaker this division was even harder, I know a couple of people who had sessions in all three and hated it. Over the past few years I have had sessions in the UnConference and this year they were with Develop, as all my audience are in Moscone no-one is going to go to Parc 55 to attend one session so in the end I cancelled.

As an employee I am very proud to work for Fujitsu and lots of people made the point to me about us being top sponsor. It is also a great opportunity to sit down with colleagues from around the world. I loved the Appreciation Event, even more so as with Fujitsu as Marquee Sponsor I had a VIP ticket. I loved all the acts but boy did Black Eyed Peas have a fantastic stage show. I have to admit I sent a photo to my daughter back home at University at about 7am her time, just to show what her mom was up to.

As a customer the most valuable thing for me is the demo area was great with lots of product managers answering real, personal questions. The exhibition is enormous and now split over two halls which again are not ideal but I have no answer to that. 

As an individual the best thing about OOW is seeing friends and meeting new ones; User Group Leaders, ACE Program members, Oracle Employees and those very special ‘Oakies’ and their Oracle Closed World.
What about the content? My next post is about my sessions and then what I thought about Fusion Applications.

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