Sunday 8 August 2010

Getting ready fo Insync10

Last year I went to Insync09 in Sydney, the conference was excellent and it was good to see a conference catering for all areas of Oracle.  In Australia this was achieved by bringing the different user groups together. My own user group, UKOUG is unique in that we Strive "To serve the Oracle Community" under one umbrella, although it is a big challenge not knowing what the community will look like next month. Oracle has acquired a new company, on average, a month for the last 5+ years.

Anyway, I loved Insync09 and had a great time despite the weather, but that was April and the temperature was not too bad. I did the trip as part of a long tour and had plenty of time to enjoy time with friends as well as visiting my daughter who was doing a placement with the Australian Outward Bound School. It is good to be able to combine work and pleasure. It all sounds very glamorous but a trip from the UK to Australia in economy class is not glamorous, but it is fun and the more conferences I do, the more wonderful people I meet, and the more fun I have. A bit more about that in the next post.

However back to the conference, it was the first time I gave my analogy of gadget charging to show how SOA works. At the time I thought it might be patronising but it went down well and afterwards it was recorded and posted on youtube. I get good feedback on this as it allows people to understand what SOA is trying to achieve, very quickly.

In January of this year I 'starred' in another video on fusion Middleware, this time being interviewed by Mogens Nørgaard. It started off fine and then he asks daft questions like "Will it do my housework?", quite funny to watch me try and keep composed.

Anyway Mogens is at this years' Insync bringing his own unique brand of presenting to the event. He is talking about Real Applications Testing, and then repeating his "Tales From the Trenches", where he discusses very important things like Oracle Licensing and RAC for SQLServer, making you laugh and also making you think.

I am presenting an update on last year's paper on Fusion Applications and then a look at where I think they will be in Five years. Even if you are not an applications user come along and find out how it may affect you.

One thing i like to do when I go to a big conference is try to push my own understanding, and I am going to try something quite risky. I am going to do a joint presentation on Oracle Business Accelerators from the partners' viewpoint. And my joint presenter..........Mogens, defiantly a challenge.

So the big journey starts on Thursday, and I wish I had longer, but looking forward to meeting up with old friends, meeting new ones and hopefully sharing what I have been honoured to learn with other Oracle users.

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