Sunday, 7 June 2009

SIG Volunteers Day 2009

One of my first entries in this blog was last year's UKOUG Volunteers Day and here I am now with an update from this years.

I cnnot say it enough, without the volunteers there would be no UKOUG.

This annual event is an opportunity for all the SIG leaders to come together, give feedback, understand the strategy, share best practice, listen to and more importantly be listened to by the directors. Then at the end of a very long day we all get the opportunity to relax and enjoy a good meal and a few drinks in the bar.

Back to that being listened to by DIrectors, I am a lightweight and went to bed at midnight, several directors took their role more seriously and stayed around till 2am but Ronan, our chairman like the captain of a ship stayed till the end and left at 5am knowing the board meeting was just a few hours away. At least we know there will be no complaints on lack of opportunity to speak to Ronan.

If you just want to listen to Ronan then did you know he twitters? He uses the name UKOUG_Chair. I have thought about it and decided it wasn't for me, but now I think I don't want to be upstaged by Ronan so may reconsider.

The next day was a board meeting and there was a lot brought up from the volunteer day. I think everyone who attended thought the day was of value and am only sorry that a number of people could not attend because their day jobs prevented it.

THANKYOU AGAIN for being a UKOUG Volunteer

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