Friday 13 October 2017

2017OOW - Off Piste (having fun)

I love that OOW gives me the opportunity to have fun alongside the hectic time table. Much of that means very, very early mornings.

So traditionally there is the Bridge Run (well I only walk it, hence an even earlier start) and then the swim. I didn't cycle this year as I did Javaone4Kids, but that in its self was really fun.

So the Bridge Run on the Sunday morning was a beautiful sunrise. I walked with Alex, Tim and my friend Julie. Such a beautiful morning. The plan is we finish about the same time as the runners. I know I am cheating but I still love it.

Such a wonderful place to wonder at the amazing world in which we live.

On the Monday morning is the swim. Part of the tradition here is just how risqué can Bjoern's swimsuit be. No need to talk about the details.  

Then after the swim we go back into town on the cable car. This year I was sporting my new 'Ask Tom' towel, I have plans for this towel, but that is for another blog.

There were several dinners I attended but one worth a mention was the Irish Oracle Dinner at North Beach. I am sure we were in the mortuary, although I'm told it is really an abattoir. 

The food was lovely and the wine was amazing. Thank you Dublin. 

Wednesday evening is the Appreciation Party and like last year it was at AT&T Park. I like it there we can walk. Thanks to ODC (OTN) who had a reserved area for us. The acts were Ellie Goulding and The Chainsmokers. Ellie was good, and there was quite a singalong to the Fifty Shades numbers. However The Chainsmokers were a bit young for me and I (and many others) left early, but it was still a great time.

Tim, Roel, Michelle, Alex, Julie, Me, Peggy

Breakfast on Thursday was a great time to catch up with even more friends, great to have the time to relax.

The weekend after #OOW17 was Fleet Week, the highlight of it being the airshow. I didn't stay long enough to see that but did see some spectacular practice runs Thursday and Friday.

Julie and I went down to Dolphin Swimming Club (were we do our swim) to watch the Blue Angels fly up by the Bridge. Then we got even more entertainment when a complete idiot bought his yacht into the beach. The Park Rangers told him he could not do so, and he simply shrugged his shoulders and continued. Well he continued until he got the yacht stuck on a sandbar. All the swimmers tried to help him and then the police arrived, he thought to help him but actually they came to remove 'him' and left the boat behind. 

Friday morning, I had a very quite lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, what a view, what a beautiful meal (blue cheese, pear and walnut flatbread), a skinny margarita and yet again a view of the airshow rehearsal. 

San Francisco is a beautiful city, and I love this annual pilgrimage. I always stay one extra night as by the end of #OOW I am functioning on pure adrenalin and the thought of siting still on a plane for 12 hours, is not going to be fun. So a little bit of me time does well.

 Goodbye SFO , hopefully I'll be back next year.

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