Friday, 20 October 2017

2017 SiOUG - Slovenia

Just as quickly as I had unpacked from #OOW17, it was time to think about the next 2 conferences. Slovenia and Croatia.

I spoke in Slovenia before in 2011. I was invited by Joze Senegacnik  who I knew from the Oak Table. I had had a wonderful time and we stayed in Portoroz on the coast. 

I didn't blog about that conference but I did comment on the three most wonderful user group presidents and I do remember that Doug Burns was with us and moaned (about everything).

Anyway nowadays the Slovenian and Croatian events are back to back. They both take place in holiday resorts, immediately after the holiday season ends. Cheap hotels but still good weather and beautiful settings. They are both only an hour apart and it works well.

Unfortunately I got accepted late to Slovenia and missed the opportunity to get funded by the ACE program but decided to go anyway, self fund, and make a mini break out of it.

I flew into Ljubljana, the capital, and got collected by the hotel. Most people had a hire car, but because I won'

t drive on the wrong side and because I could get a lift once the event started, this was the best way for me to travel.

The Monday night had a party with a Beatles tribute band. However I was tired, so after a walk outside along the beach for an ice cream, I had a reasonably early night.

The hotel was about 1km away from the one we stayed at before, but I had remembered there was a dive shop there. So my extra days were spent diving. 

The conference kicked off on the Sunday night with a speakers dinner. It was about 40 minutes away by coach and a wonderful family restaurant. Joze had baked bread for the starter and I could have just eaten that, the walnut and date sourdough bread was amazing.

We also had a 'maize' or corn soup, however with his accent I was sure the host said it was mice soup, and reacted accordingly. Every one laughed at me.

They had quite a good agenda for Cloud Applications and I was particularly interested in one on ##PaaS4SaaS that was Mobile Cloud Services with Innovation Cloud. However I was very disappointed as it seemed to me to be just marketing for Innovation Cloud.

There was one on cloud security for GDPR which was very interesting, and I even managed to win a prize for knowing what date GDPR comes into force.

My session was on the Tuesday and it was my Extending Cloud HCM is as simple as ABCs. Well it would be if Oracle hadn't renamed it VBCS!! When we arrived at the event each of us was given a card to complete for which meals we would attend, so I though it would be good to use that as my demo. Although at one point I was afraid the wifi wouldn't hold up so I had a webcast on my PC ready to play with me speaking over it.

The wifi didn't let me down, and I successfully built my meal app, deployed it via HCM and then created a mobile dashboard app to show the totals; all in the 45 minutes. Not bad for a non techie. 

Roel Hartman came to watch me as he was giving me a lift to Croatia as soon as I finished, and he tweeted nice things about the presentation. 

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