Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kicking Off Oracle Open World 2015 - Not to be missed

People moan about having the last session of an event, or first thing the morning after the party, I've had both many times, but this year at #OOW2015 I have the first session on the Sunday!

Forming Your Future: Upgrade/Migration to Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud [UGF3179]

Learn how Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud can influence your future plans for ERP and inform you how to prioritize and decide upgrade and migration activities. Should Oracle E-Business Suite users go to the cloud or just stay current with their Oracle E-Business Suite release? Learn what methods are available for migrating to Oracle Cloud for any organization, and how to plan a roadmap for the latest release of Oracle Applications Cloud. This session shares details of the experience. You will learn from the upgrade/migration experience and strategy, cutover plan, testing, and training.

October 25, 8:00 am - 8:45 am | Moscone South—307

Yes, it's a challenge but then every presentation is, but if you are coming to Oracle Open World to seriously explore Cloud Applications then there is no better place to start, help to understand the questions you need to answer as you go through the week.

I'm going to try and put together a list of sessions I think important for people to go see afterwards, so if you are speaking on the Road to Cloud Apps, specifically HCM or ERP, drop me a lie, comment on this blog, tweet me at debralilley and I'll add you.

If you have made the journey, also come along, there is no better person to guide someone than someone who has made their journey already.

This means I miss the OTN bridge run which is a real pity, but I can do that any time (she wishes), and speaking at OOW is a privilege which I love.

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