Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cover Girl

Who would have thought, I, Debra Lilley would be a cover girl? Just like the pride I talked about in my marketing post, I love the UKOUG magazine, OracleScene. I am really proud of the content and the contributors. But the biggest pride I get is seeing it on tables in the Oracle Customer VisitorCentres in the UK.

For the past few years I have had a column, Debra’s Diary where I have tried to tell members what a director of UKOUG gets up to, but now I have steped back from that in Favour of Twitter @ukoug_chairman or @debralilley and this blog.

I haven't stopped being part of it, as Chairman I still contribute and in the latest edition just out, my introduction interview is about plans for change. I love the picture it was taken at Easter when I took my PADI open water course, and the all OK signal seemed really appropriate for the article, and also fits in with the other pictures later on in the magazine of other volunteers doing sport ( do you recognize them all?) .

 We have a new agency producing the magazine, based in Belfast (which is where I live) and they thought a nice way to introduce me as the new chairman would be to out me on the front cover. The picture was taken at the Victoria shopping centre in Belfast and I loved the experience, it was done about 9.30am on a Monday morning and the centre was quiet, the few people around stared thinking I must be famous, and for a few minutes I felt I was.

I am really happy with the result, and I hope it doesn't put you off reading the magazine. If you are a member of UKOUG you can find it online or if not pop into an Oracle UK site and pick one up.

So I may not be Britain’s next top model, but this is good, I get to show on record how happy I am to lead UKOUG   

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