Monday, 11 April 2011

A Very Special Event

You could be forgiven for thinking Oracle only has Fusion Apps if you read my blog; but of course they don't. Fusion is my area, and there is a lot to educate the members about, but there are other 'hot areas' and we do a lot to help bring that knowledge to our community as well.

Lisa Dobson is leading the Exadata event on 18 April, a number of people had been looking to make this happen and I suggested this date as I knew some excellent speakers were in Europe for MOW. They jumped at the chance to be part of it and then Tanel Poder who has publicly said he is cutting back on public appearances contacted Lisa begging to be part of it. Tanel  is publishing two of the first books on exadata and is an excellent speaker.

Alex Gorbachev and his company Pthyian are one of the most active partners with exadata, they support many of the early adopters of this and have a great case study to give. At the time of posting, Alex has a visa delay ,and may have to have a colleague ore sent on his behalf but he will be there in spirit.

Dan Norris is an actual X Man, one of a team of experts inside Oracle who help customers make exadata the success it is. Dan joined Oracle especially for this, but before was a very active user group volunteer and ACE Director. He ran the hugely successful RAC SIG in the US. 

Having these speakers come to the UK for our members is a great coup. We also have David Henderson and Stewart Bryson, two local experts on the agenda.

Come along and see what it is all about. Find out more about the event.

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