Sunday 8 August 2010

Impressive Friends

In my world, which is defiantly global, I have a lot of friends, who, like me present at Oracle conferences.

I know them through User Groups, through the ACE Program, through The OakTable and the wider Oracle Community. What we have in common is the desire to share information and to inspire others to learn more about Oracle.

These people are not only my friends but they inspire me. My daughter, who knows nothing about Oracle, has accompanied me to several events and has met a lot of these people, she is not impressed by technical accolades but gets to know the person behind the presenter. That in itself is a humbling thought, but just thinking about the people I know is even more:

*   A few weeks ago I discovered an Oracle ACE, now Director, who is also a physiotherapist.

*    A friend who is launching a new trace tool tomorrow I predict we will all want to be using soon.

*   At least two are very talented musicians who Oracle should have on stage at OOW, showcase their own community talent.

*   Two have cycled very long distances for charity in the last few weeks, one for cancer and one for a childrens' hospital.

*   Several brew beer, it seems to be not unusual in the geek community

*   Many take really good photographs and could be professionals, and one is exceptional, the photos of his daughter are unbelievable.

*   Over the years I have seen several step out from their comfort zone and start their own businesses. All have been successful.

*   Many of these are inspiring bosses who manage with respect, and are loved by their employees.

*   Several have written books, and the passion as they do so, and excitement as they go to print inspires.

*   They all work hard, and then play hard, not just in the bar, they ski, they walk and they dive.

*    Passion in sport that they teach, or coach. One is a diving instructor who helps disabled people learn to do something in an environment they are not disadvantaged in.

*   I have seen people reach out for help, with work or personal requests, and others queue up to help them.

*  I have reached out for emotional help, and found it from many and two in particular.

*    Some have children with challenges, and they are better people because of it.

*   Two I can think of immediately, campaign on issues close to their hearts, passion driving them to educate others.

*   Some have hobbies that show other skills they should be proud of.

*   I saw one present on how he is changing the way students are educated in his country, a long term project for improvement.

Yes they are all inspirational, and yet they do these things, as well as their work in the Oracle community, and they love their families even more.

I am honoured to have met them, and some of their families. I am very lucky, and proud they choose to call me their friend.

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Markus Eisele said...

Thank you dear Debra :) I am very honored! Take care, dear friend!