Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Weird Oracle Related Videos

Please read this carefully BEFORE you click on the links.

Work should be fun, and the best 'experts' I know are the people who laugh and make me laugh and yet educate me at the same time. All the people I know who are involved in user groups are like that and I have said before how much I am honoured by being part of the ACE program, they are too.

But some people need a special mention, in fact as we would say in the UK, some people are just 'special'. And one person who certainly needs this tag is Mogens Nørgaard of Miracle. This is a man who owns a very successful IT company and openly states all profits go into his brewery.

You may have heard of his youtube video 'The Oracle Nose Job' where he has Oracle installed by a colleague wearing a straight jacket using only his nose and you may think that is the video I am highlighting here, well yes I am but yesterday he went further. A local radio station wanted to interview him today about life in his office, and someone made a joke which in true Mogens style he followed through.

Can I ask that you listen to this video first, listen to the laughter and then and only then watch it? Please remember the radio listeners could not see the video, so to get the full effect you must not watch the video until afterwards. And when you do make sure there are no children, vulnerable adults or pets anywhere near your computer.

If you want to meet Mogens 'in the flesh' he is presenting at OOW (S300479 - The Danish Experiment: Oracle Database 11g Shock Upgrades and Massive Workload Reduction via COBS, Thursday at 9am) , MOOW and UKOUG over the next few months but that will be another story.

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