Tuesday, 23 September 2008

OOW Day 2

So it is the end of day 2 and I am exhausted. I still haven't unpacked and I ahve been here since Saturday!

My famous elevator event is still the talk of twitter mix-to-the-rescue and this morning Judy Sim asked if it was true and not just a 'wind up'.But remember I wasn't on my own I had Mike Riley of ODTUG with me. We have set up a group on Oracle Mix called 'stuck in an elevator @ OOW' and someone has asked to join!

This morning started with a breakfast meeting and then I attended the keynote until I had to go to the Michael Phelps Meet and Greet, and then I did my Open Hours in the OTN lounge. Not many questions but it was good to see a lot of friens from the ACE Director community.

At 2.30 I had my first presentation of the day where I talked with my boss on 'Extended the E Business Suite with Hyperion' and we discussed the challenges and benefits of both Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning. It was well attended mainly by EBS customers who are seriously considering these products.

Then a quick sprint but to Moscone West to my last presentation of 3 '10 Things you can do to prepare for Fusion Now' with Nadia. At the end I demonstrated the web tool users groups have commissioned and validated to help you our members to start the thought process. I will blog about this in more detail after Open World but I really urge organisations to start the thought process.

Then it was off to the round of receptions and dinners and I so wish I could go to them all but now I am back in my room, fighting the jet lag and thinking about tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Your story of being stuck in the elevator during OOW and blogging about the experience is the best story of the conference. Also thanks for all your great efforts with the IOUC Fusion council. You're definitely the straw that stirs the drink. :)

When you have a chance, would like to talk to you about a cool idea of teaming up for a presentation at the Oracle users conference, Collaborate 2009.