Monday, 22 September 2008

Day 1 OOW

Who would have thought so many people read my blog? I have had so many ask me about the lift experience having seen either Oracle Mix or the blog itself. So now I know I have an audience I will have to actually think about what I write.

Yesterday was User Group Day and OPN so for me very busy. But I was also invited to the Oracle Inner Circle. I have previously said how user groups have contributed to the Fusion Applications process and as leader for that along with other involved groups were given an update and demonstration of what has been acheved.

Unfortunatley it is all under Non Disclosure so I can't give you details, I had hoped more would be said in the main OOW but now I am not so sure. What I do know is I had previously seen bits I had contributed to, and it was the same for all other attendees, but at yesterday's event, Steve Miranda demonstrated for two hours a selection of the entire product suite. That is NOT vapour ware.

Over lunch they played a number of videos with comments from the different participants, (I was in one about input from customers), and everyone was as enthusiastic about it as Floyd and I who have already blogged our excitment.

After Steve got his breath back then Thomas Kurian answered questions. It was an excellent session.

What I came away with was a question? As a user the experience is excellent truely a single view of the enterprise, but as an enterprise it will be much more difficult to clearly appreciate the different technolgies underpinning that experience and i should be asking now, am I prepared?

Luckily Nadia and I are addressing a small part of that this afternoon at 4pm in Moscone West. Come along and at least find out the questions you should be asking.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on Fusion.
Would you be able to provide some support for two of my colleagues who will be presenting at a forthcoming UKOUG SIG on the Road to Fusion. I have tried to email you using your ukoug address.