Monday, 25 October 2021

Daniel Bozzolo

I don't like that for the 2nd time in two weeks we are recognising the far too early death of an Oracle Community Member.

Daniel Bozzolo was a quiet man, passionate about Oracle and the user community in Uruguay. I had met him many times and he has always been friendly, hospitable and a true gentleman. 

My favourite memory is 2015, the first leg of the Latin America Users-group Tour. As it was the first city, I had arrived early and Daniel met me at the airport. his english was never brilliant but it didn't stop him being an amazing host.

I love Montevideo, and we met up with other friends and wandered enjoying the sunshine before spending the evening with Edelweiss and Nelson.

Then Pablo and Daniel took Ronald, Cindy and myself to a beautiful town of Colonia. We had a wonderful day, Which, like Daniel, I will always remember.



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