Friday, 27 September 2019

2019 Oracle Open World Presenting

My OOW session was selected by the user group leaders in EMEA, thank you.

This was my 'Should I Move to Oracle Cloud Applications?' presentation based on the UKOUG Oracle Scene Article I wrote back in 2017 and my most requested presentation ever.

The premise is that having the discussion on whether to stay with on premise application, host that on the cloud or move to the Cloud Applications, is often not a single conversation with Oracle. I wanted a framework that would start a discussion. The flowchart does just that, well normally.........

This year Oracle trialed a new room type, curtains to create room in unused space in Moscone, and headphones for the delegates and speakers. Each room did have AV people dedicated and looked very professional.

The room didn't have as many chairs as its capacity, although there were plenty of headphones, so we did have people standing. I was really impressed with the audience, the majority were end users and I got to speak to each of them before we started as I walked around with the chocolate tub. I wish I had realised at that point you could scan their QR code on their badge and get their name 'well sort of'.

First problem was wearing headphones yourself, I hate listening to me, and that took some getting used to.

I gave the presentation with Tim Warner and we shared a lecture mike as the AV people said lapel mikes were not as effective. The problem with the microphone was that it was TOO effective, and as our 'room' was closest to the corridor and almost directly opposite was an open area with the APEX hands on labs, we could hear their session as well. As a hands-on-lab it wasn't constant talking but if you know David Peake who was delivering it, you would have recognised the dulcet Australian accent, and the opportunity to learn APEX in parallel.

The biggest problem though was it isn't conducive to interaction. The audience are in 'listen' mode and don't ask questions. Or rather they wait till afterwards and line up to ask, I wish it had been as designed and everyone heard the questions. However it gave Tim and I extra time to share more customer examples.

I loved this session, had great feedback with people stopping me all week to say how useful they found it and will use it back in their own organisations.

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