Friday, 27 September 2019

2019 OOW Code One Session

I also got the opportunity to facilitate a session at Code One on “Embracing Constant Technical Innovation in Our Daily Life”

I had a great panel: Gustavo Gonzalez, Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Sven Bernhardt and Tim Hall.

Not sure why I need to write a blog about it as obviously 'sleep-is-under-rated-when-I-have-a-blog-to-write' Tim, has already published a great synopsis and lots of links. And check out this awesome Oracle Magazine article where Tim shares his secret to being Tim!

However I would like to add everyone thought it needed to be part of our working lives and not an extra to ensure it gets done. I myself, submit papers for things I want to learn about, no excuse then if I get accepted!

Share, nothing makes you check as much as peer sharing, and share in whatever medium suits you, tweets, blogs, Linkedin, articles, books, videos, presentations. We all learn different ways and your content will appeal to different people so don't worry if there are already 50 APEX bloggers out there, share your knowledge (but don't plagiarise them).

Francisco and Gustavo are both great user group leaders and respectively lead the Latin America and Asia Pacific Groundbreakers' Tours. Bringing people together to learn is a fantastic way to keep up with new technology.

Sven (the youngster of the group) lists his top 3 here:

  • Community and growing your own network is important
  • Knowledge sharing is good, sharing experience is better
  • Learning through failing (Of course failing was not an option years ago, because technology was different; but with all modern technologies / platforms, failing is an option) -> Fail fast! Although this needs a mindset change that failures are allowed and ok which can be difficult to establish in mature organisations

Gustavo covered the session on linkedin

Thanks again to Code One for the opportunity, I love these sessions that help you as individuals a great Segway from the more technical sessions. Something to make you think.

What are your tips? Add to the comments, perhaps we can repeat next year and include them.

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