Friday 27 September 2019

2019 OOW Fun

'Work Hard, Play Hard', that is defiantly the the mantra I like to follow at Oracle Open World.

On the Saturday night Roel and I went as guests along with Tim and Alex who have both celebrated 50th birthdays over the summer, a visit to Graham Wood and his partner Katie who treated us to the most amazing dinner at their home in Half Moon Bay.  The journey out was along the coast and was great to see the sea at its best with the surf rolling along with the Californian beaches on the way back I got to experience just how fast an Uber driver can drive, something which is not the thrill I seek.

In the past I would have included my annual triathlon but with the ACE Director briefings moving to Saturday I haven’t done the bridge cycle ride for a few years. However I was up for the bridge Run walk on Sunday morning. I travelled up to the bridge with Maria Colgan and Roel Hartman, but Roel is a real runner and not only did he run the bridge and back but also all the way back to the hotel, as part of his upcoming Chicago Marathon training. Maria and I walked the bridge with Barry McGillin who doesn’t live that far from me back home, but that I only ever see at events.  Three people from the island of Ireland on the bridge having fun. We start earlier than the runners so at least we got to wave at them in both directions. Thanks to Jeff Smith for organising

Monday morning is the traditional Swim in the Bay originally started by Chet Justice and now kept going by Connor McDonald and renamed 'dash & splash'. It was a damp misty morning and despite best ever registrations the turnout was not high but those of us that swam loved it and thank you Aylin Uysal for the lift back the hotel and especially thanks to Hellion's and Jennifer who were waiting with coffee and doughnuts when we left the water.

I registration on Sunday Oracle gave out tickets to the baseball at the newly renamed Oracle Park to see the San Francisco Giants Play the Miami Marlins. Thanks to Andrew Bohnet from innovatetax, he gave me his tickets as well so I was able to enjoy the baseball on my only free afternoon. However I had not anticipated the strength of the sun and despite not removing my jumper and wearing the baseball cap I was also given, I still managed to burn my neck and face. I can’t pretend to have understood the rules of the game but loved the atmosphere. 

I did see that someone had tweeted their steps for the conference I had a look at mine but although they are probably inaccurate for it appears I did almost 15 km on Wednesday, my travel day and 14 ½ of which I know where actually knitting!

I didn't have much time for the Exhibition but I did do the Scavenger Hunt with Alex Nuijten, I think we should have won a special award for the fastest complete. It was a whirlwind run around the show floor and definitely fun!

This year the Oracle appreciation event was at the Chase Centre Home of the San Francisco Warriors basketball team. This is only been open a couple of weeks and it was a great honour to be able to attend and what an amazing building it is. The first act was John Mayer, who as Linda Barker shared, he appeared to have been coached very well on Autonomous Database which gave everyone a smile. I really enjoyed his music but thought of it as almost background music. As an old lady I had intended not to stay for the second act but was persuaded to give it ago by Alex and Roel. Flo Rida took to the stage and was absolutely amazing he had everybody moving gave great energy and for the first time in many many years. I stayed until we were removed from the appreciation event with everybody leaving at the same time we decided to walk back, after all you can never have too many steps.

I always feel guilty about talking about the fun at Open World, I am such I lucky little old lady who gets these opportunities but most of all what I love is catching up with old friends and making new ones. Graham has retired from Oracle and it was lovely to see him and I also got to catch up Mogens and James Morle.

Michelle Malcher now works for Oracle and although was not at open world was that hate you on the Friday, she came into the city before a late flight were we managed to have dinner with a couple of friends.

Dina Blaschczok knows how I love to have flowers in my hotel when away for a few days and these beautiful roses delivered

I have learnt that If you want to catch up with people at this event you have to actually make appointments, and most days I had one or two breakfast meetings following pre-breakfast meetings and a full diary however it is so well worth it both professionally and with people I can truly call friends.

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