Friday, 27 September 2019

2019 OOW ACE Program

The ACE briefing is my highlight of Oracle Open World, I still preferred them when they were the week before rather than on the Saturday, but they are still truly valuable and I thank all of those from Oracle who give up their day, prior to the busiest event of their calendar to make sure ACE Directors get a full understanding of things to come during the conference.

This year they invited some guests or friends from other groundbreakers' programs who wanted to attend, this is a lovely idea and I made some great new friends. There was also a special treats me as Liam Nolan, VP Apps Dev, gave an update on SaaS.

The ACE dinner on Sunday evening was great fun, we pose the now traditional photograph at the end of the pier 39 and then had a wonderful evening, Open World is so busy that this is one opportunity to see as possible in my community before the main event begins.

photo thanks to Jim Grisanzio

This year the main Oracle Open World and Code One where colocated in Moscone.  I don’t know how the demographics work but to me is encouraged crossover and meant that I as a traditional Oracle person saw more of Code One that I normally would have.

As part of our ACE Director duties we each do a session in the Code One show floor and mine was to be on the welcome desk helping delegates find specific stands or encouraging others to come in and look. The most successful area I would say was the 'Meet the Experts' sessions, that many people asked about. At the stand we had a small stress car  giveaway which came in blue and red, all the time I wanted to sing 'the red car and the blue car had a race' from a childhood advert I remember fondly. Thankyou Chris Saxon for singing it to me out loud.

As in previous years those that represent the community we given the opportunity to have head shots taken and although I liked the ones I had on the first day I thought my eyes looked a bit closed so I went back to some more.

On Wednesday there was a power hour to celebrate diversity I went on stage with Linda Bronson from our local communities, David Ortiz from the Oracle diversity program office and Mackenzie Dancho from Technovation, an Oracle diversity partner here we were asked questions about how we saw the diversity in our own lives and strives to remove the uncomfortableness of being different and how we can reach out and include everyone. Watch our quick session here.

Thank you to Jennifer and all the Oracle Community Team for all you do for us in the program. 

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