Wednesday, 23 May 2018

UKOUG Applications Conference 2018

We need your input!

The Oracle Applications world as many different answers as there are user organisations. So what content do we need to include in our UKOUG_APPS 2018 Agenda?

When I first got involved with UKOUG, we simply has E Business Suite, sliced by the different modules. Today we still have EBS, but we also have those looking at Cloud, and those who have already moved. 

The apps tech community is busy supporting these applications at all levels of the stack and to extend them. 

Business Analytics and some Hyperion based solutions are now mainstream with Applications.

We have users using 3rd party tools to get the most from their Oracle investment. Reporting solutions, archiving, configuration management, tax and foreign exchange.

You can see where I am going, our communities can be sliced so many different ways. 

Then we also want to bring you off piste content, like innovation, business challenges and emerging subjects.

So please reach out and tell us what you want to hear about, comment here, on my twitter , linkedin, however you can find me. 

Even better share your story, submit before 4 June. Let us know if you need help turning it into a presentation, or coaching if it is your first attempt. We can help.

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