Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thinking of Being Brave - Looking for a Volunteer at OOW

Followers of my blog will know I am first up at OOW this year with:

Forming Your Future: Upgrade/Migration to Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud [UGF3179]

Learn how Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud can influence your future plans for ERP and inform you how to prioritize and decide upgrade and migration activities. Should Oracle E-Business Suite users go to the cloud or just stay current with their Oracle E-Business Suite release? Learn what methods are available for migrating to Oracle Cloud for any organization, and how to plan a roadmap for the latest release of Oracle Applications Cloud. This session shares details of the experience. You will learn from the upgrade/migration experience and strategy, cutover plan, testing, and training.

Sunday, Oct 25, 8:00 a.m. | Moscone South—307

Originally this session was submitted by Kashif Manzoor but as he has now gone to work for Oracle cannot have a user group Sunday session. I was really honoured when the EOUC decided to keep the session and give it to me, but it will be slightly different, it will be based on my experience.

Today I started on the slides, I have so much material from experience the issue is what to include and what not to, and as it's early in the morning I am sure you don't just want powerpoint lists.

I can talk hypothetically all day but wouldn't it be better to do this as real life?

If you are on EBS Financials or HCM and are considering or even just interested in Cloud, contact me and you never know you could be my subject. I'll ask you questions, which I will share beforehand' and we will go through the answers and considerations as we go through the session.

And a warning to Oracle Sales, I know you sell Cloud as a solution and I agree, but if you are supporting EBS on premise today, you are at a minimum interested in what is going on in Cloud, and this session will discuss the architecture.

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