Tuesday, 11 November 2014

UKOUG2014 - Want to Tinker with Fusion? See for yourself the User Experience

Hopefully if you follow me you are well aware it is the User Experience of Fusion that I love.

The UX team have been a firm fixture at UKOUG for several years, with Jeremy Ashley their VP our Fusion Community keynote again.

The UX mobile labs will again be with us in Liverpool where people who have pre-registered can test out what is coming down the line. If you listen to Julie Stringfellow from Reading Borough Council she will tell you these labs many years ago were her first exposure to Fusion Apps and now they are live with Cloud ERP having replaced their EBS Financials. 

This year the labs have some development testing as well so we have even got something for the Tech audience.

Noel Portugal from the AppsLab is easily recognised he is the man with the google glass. This year he is back with some more 'shinny things' and has a session on Monday all are invited to. Then in the evening at the Apps Community networking he will be joined by others from UX showing off their toys.

The content above is straight out of the UX HQ which just opened their new state of the art labs. We have to say thank you to Misha and Michael who have organised all this.

But that isn't enough, we have more......

A few years back we first met Richard Bingham who works in Oracle Support. In those days he supported Oracle developers and he wrote the first Fusion Book Managing Oracle Fusion Applications, now a days he is supporting customers, not just those running on premise but also those extending Fusion.

He is behind the popular Oracle blog Fusion Applications Developer Relations and he is bringing a kind of specialised demo centre to UKOUG. All day Monday he and colleagues will have an open room people from both Apps14 and Tech14 can pop into, look at the technology behind the Apps and have a play. They will also be joined by Angelo Santagata who is a solutions architect if you want to discuss how you might do something.

If you want to try learning in more detail there is obviously lots of FMW content in Tech14 but we have some special applications focused sessions in Apps14 on mobile from Susan Duncan (assisted by yours truly). Susan will also host a round table on mobile Wednesday morning. 

On wednesday and open to everyone is a workshop on ADF and building your own UX from Sten Vesterli.

So awesome content on what UX is and how it is built but......

None of that is worthwhile without hearing about it from customers, and Monday we have a glut of end users talking about their use of Fusion Apps. Make sure you attend at least one.

Most Fusion customers have adopted it as SaaS or Cloud, and Monday finishes with a roundtable hosted by Julie Stringfellow from Reading Borough Council. The roundtable will focus on the Cloud Experience rather than the functionality.

Even if Fusion Apps are not your main reason for coming to UKOUG, make sure you at least take a look, you will be surprised at how far it has come.

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