Thursday, 6 March 2014

OTN Yathra 2014 - Thanks and final thoughts

Tim Hall has thanked everyone for OTN Yathra and I simply want to add my thanks to all of them.

Thank you especially to my fellow travellers who helped me survive the traffic, and especially to Murali who ensured it was one of the best organised tours I have done with OTN.

Despite the traffic, I loved India and wish to return one day and visit the cities we passed through.

I loved sharing with the audiences, how what Oracle are doing with their Applications has something to teach everybody, and OTN through their ACE program make this possible. Thank you

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Anonymous said...

We love to have you back in India.. these traffic and unorganized roads are just part of the growing pains the country is going through..

Soon we will be there :)

Hope to see you soon again in India @OTNYathra 2015!! or maybe sooner during Sangam14 at Mumbai

Murali Vallath