Monday 10 February 2014

Please Use Your Vote For UKOUG

It's the annual voting for UKOUG and as a director I urge you to vote, but as Debra Lilley I want you to vote for me.

Times have been hard at UKOUG, a lot of change as we get the right model for the community and as previously shared it is constantly difficult to achieve everything we do within the financial challenges we have.

 At UKOUG we rely on volunteers and because life changes sometimes those volunteers have to stop volunteering and UKOUG have to adapt. Last January we had the situation where we needed 3 new board members at one time, and Fiona Martin, Peter Robson and others stepped up to help and more importantly keep us legal. Then in July as part of Project Evolution we streamlined the organisation and the board was made up of James of 3 executive directors, plus David Warburton-Broadhurst our President, Fiona Martin our Member Chairman and myself as Member Advocate.

Fiona and I are up for re-election now and I urge you to re-elect us both, change is difficult and doesn't happen overnight, please give us another term to finish what we have started and turn around the challenges we face.
UKOUG has successfully introduced working groups that deliver our special events and conferences which is a model working well. We lead these groups of committed active volunteers alongside the office and it is a great way for volunteers who want a one off project to commit to rather than an ongoing role. In the last year I have led Ireland and Applications and am currently working again on Ireland, our New Applications Transformation event in March and the very exciting Next Generation project. Fiona has delivered Strategy and Tech Conference and the Licensing event coming up in March.

We won't walk away from UKOUG but there is no better motivation than to know you are appreciated and you can show that by voting for us. Please do, and if you are not the voting person in your membership, please lobby for us to them.

Thank you.

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