Monday, 7 May 2012

Collaborate 2012 - Speaking &Fujitsu

I really do enjoy speaking, I love to share knowledge. I am really proud to work for a company that sees the value in that.

My first presentation apart from the IOUC meetings was a small off piste audience where I talked about the choice between upgrading and moving to Fusion Applications. I was scheduled to have 90 minutes but they were running late and I was last of the day. I started a shorter presentation to try and finish on time but they really engaged with me and kept asking questions, in the end it was almost 2 hours.

I also presented with Jeremy Ashley, VP for UX at the Nevada SIG for OAUG and I demonstrated Fusion Financials. This is special for me because I famously said I thought they had made GL sexy, so Jeremy loves the idea of me showing what I meant. I stand by that, everything we do today to make the GL work, we do in Fusion, the difference is you do it all from one place, to hand, embedded, timely and without effort.

Fujitsu had a stand in the exhibition, which is another issue with Collaborate. Although there is one exhibition hall, you have to be aligned with one user group and Fujitsu have value for all 3 memberships. However the position was good and I loved seeing our corporate branding and couldn't resist posing next to the Brilliance Bar.

Fujitsu also sponsored both the Quest welcome party and the 80s party. I loved being able to give out drinks tickets at the event, I felt so important.

 My best session was the Fusion Applications Reflection Session which as I promised before I will blog on soon.

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