Monday, 7 May 2012

Collaborate 2012 - The ACE program

I often say how proud I am to be part of the ACE Program, and again they made it possible for me to attend Collaborate.

Also and more importantly to me the ACE Program enabled the Fusion Apps UX Advocate program to happen and that is my real passion, learning and sharing the knowledge.

On the Sunday at Collaborate we had a few more hours of Fusion UX training. I like to work with Internet access I am a real cyber junkie but on this occasion I decided I could do without it. We were not in the main Collaborate area which had wifi hotspots, not ideal you had to leave the sessions to access it. Here in the other area public wifi was available HOWEVER it was a little bit more than the daily mandatory resort tax I was already paying for wifi but only available in my room.

We looked at the first mobile applications for Fusion, look out for announcements here. We also looked at design patterns for the iPad. Fusion Applications really are bringing the way we use It in our lives into our enterprises.

There were more video shots for the Face of Fusion campaign and I took part in two more UX testing sessions; Matrix Management and Organisation Modelling.

There was an ACE Dinner and it was great to relax with friends.

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