Saturday 10 March 2012

In Support of ODTUG

A few weeks ago the funding program of the ACE Program changed. I think the changes are fair, and said so in this post, one problem was that the program had been so good, very few people had been unsuccessful in obtaining requested assistance that it was taken for granted by many.

The first event to be affected is KScope, the flagship event of ODTUG. Their agenda was set and the changes meant a lot of overseas speakers had to re-consider. Despite this, the final agenda is excellent, which is tribute to the strength of their speakers, and all attendees are in for a great week of education.

They also have Cary Millsap as their keynote speaker and we at UKOUG know just how special that is. KScope also has a reputation for a fantastic Community Day before the conference and amazing networking opportunities, some of which are still under wraps for this year, I wondered how can they top the fireworks on the Queen Mary last year? If you haven't registered for Kscope yet, why not?

UKOUG wants to support ODTUG and I was intending to be at KScope but my employer is having a big reorganisation and I want to be part of the exciting program here so have sadly had to say no,   but I am really pleased that our Vice President Lisa Dobson is able to represent UKOUG at KScope.


oraclenerd said...

I shall miss seeing you but am glad at the opportunity to finally meet Mrs. Dobson.

Debra Lilley said...

Sorry Lisa, I didn't think about this aspect